Cop Overhears Woman Ask Odd Question, Acts Fast When He Looks Behind Her

Butler County Sheriff Patrol Vehicle (left), Walmart in Oxford, Ohio (right)

An Ohio woman walked into the Butler County Sheriff’s Office with a concerning question. A cop from the back overheard what she was wanting and looked out to see what was happening. That’s when he noticed what was behind her, then acted fast while nobody was paying attention to what was happening.

The unnamed citizen wandered into the office with a single question, but she got much more than the answer she was seeking. Deputy Brian Bussell is no stranger to odd circumstances, having been in law enforcement for 25 years, but what this woman was hoping for help with was a first for the seasoned cop. However, he knew just what to do.

Bussell became aware that the woman had been evicted from her home, and with nowhere to go, the police station was her last and only resort. She walked in wanting help with housing, but Bussell stepped up with something else. The cop saw that she didn’t arrive alone, as she had her two young sons with her, who were also now homeless after being kicked out of their house.

Stranded woman’s sons sleeping at Butler County Sheriff’s office

Out of sight from the other officers and personnel at the station, Bussell approached the mother in private and said he had booked a 10-night stay for her and her sons at an area hotel. The accommodations were all paid for by him, out of his own wallet, but the interaction didn’t end with the generous gift. He also asked her to do something for him in return.

According to a Facebook post, he noticed that the clothing the mother and her boys had on was tattered and dirty, so he put the family in his patrol car and drove them to Walmart. Bussell dropped them off there, and before driving off, he instructed them to pick out something new to wear and to call him when they were done with shopping so he could pay for it all, again on his own dime.

But the boys really needed something other than a new shirt on their back. The children shyly asked the officer if they could get new shoes, as it was clear theirs would not make it many more steps. Deputy Bussell didn’t hesitate and said they absolutely could. Something as simple as shoes to these kids was more than a fashion statement, they were a basic necessity in life that they would have to manage without, had it not been for this kind cop.

Deputy Bussell didn’t think his department would find out about what he had done for this family behind the scenes. However, the mother had taken a photo of her boys with Bussell and shared the touching incident on Facebook. Someone else saw the woman’s post and passed it on to the officer’s department to say thank you for their service.

“This is a true act of kindness,” Sheriff Richard K. Jones said of his caring colleague. “This speaks volumes in light of all the recent negativity people are saying about law enforcement. I have some of the best employees here.”

Bussell didn’t do it for accolades, he did it out of genuine love and concern for three strangers who were struggling. Officers’ paychecks aren’t huge, but this officer’s heart is and so was what he did for these kids and their mom with his own money.

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